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Dating back to 1614, this fortress housed cannons which shot 400 pound projectiles at enemy ships a mile or more away! Certainly one of Bermuda most impressive fortresses, Fort Saint Catherine is built near the spot where Sir George Somers was shipwrecked in 1609.

Fort St. Catherine - St George's Bermuda - picture photograph image photo

You can walk to "Fort St. Catherine" in about 20 minutes from St. George's town square.  There are some hills, however, and you may want to catch the mini-bus which runs from the square every 15 minutes or a taxi which are usually abundant in the square.

Whether a family vacation, company conference or romantic honeymoon, Bermuda is the perfect vacation/holiday destination! 

With mile after mile of public, pink beaches and a very active nightlife, "Bermuda" or "The Devil's Isles" is popular with not only those who have been coming to visit for years, but is also immediately loved by newcomers, too.

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Open daily 10am-4pm; plan on touring the fort and its exhibits for about an hour.

Tickets: $5.

15 Coot Pond Rd, St. George, Bermuda
Tel: 441-297-1920

Historic fort turned history museum, featuring an exhibit called "Highlights in Bermuda's History."




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